For Exhibitors

Ask yourself, can my business take advantage of an event that brings together a group of people from our area who embrace their upstate NY lifestyle?

Just such an event, the “Country Living Expo” is coming to the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort, NY.

A successful show needs to be at the right time of year, at the right location and properly promoted. Presented by Lee Newspapers, Inc., publishers of the Country Editor and a company with over 30 years experience producing both consumer and commercial targeted expos, the Country Living Expo will have all three!
The Fairgrounds is not only a well known location to attendees throughout Central New York, it is easily accessible and very easy to move equipment and exhibits in. Since we have experience producing trade shows and exhibiting at them, we bring a unique perspective to this effort. We want you to have a successful show with as stress-free a set-up and move-out process as possible. These are things that we take into consideration when choosing the time of year and location for a show.
The Country Editor and our other publications in this market area will be utilized to reach over 40,000 potential attendees. We will also be using radio and social media in this same market area to supplement our extensive print advertising efforts.
We look forward to working with you in this marketing effort in the Central New York Market. Expos are still a leading form of marketing that enables suppliers to more quickly move consumers through the buying decision process, often mak-ing sales on the spot! We can help you bring your potential customers right to your exhibit space so you can too!

Download an Exhibitor’s Kit now and get involved now!